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Fixing eDrawings SOLIDWORKS Document Manager Issue

eDrawings SOLIDWORKS Document Manager Error Message

      eDrawings is free software that lets you view and print eDrawings (eDRW, ePRT, eASM), native SOLIDWORKS documents (sldprt, sldasm, slddrw) , DXF, and DWG format files. The eDrawings Viewer is intended primarily for people who do not use CAD software and thus do not need to publish eDrawings files themselves. This means people can use this program even if they don’t have SOLIDWORKS. But some people might see following error while running eDrawings on their machine. If you get similar…
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SOLIDWORKS Program: Remove Part Appearances

Remove Part Appearances

  Name/Size: Remove Part Appearances 37k Version/Date: 1.0 04/02/15 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta Description: Standalone program to remove all configurations appearances from the SOLIDWORKS Parts files in the selected folder. Select the folder containing the part files and then click on Remove All Appearances.Use under Disclaimer as stated here   Like this:Like Loading…

Fixing SOLIDWORKS Blank Installation Manager Issue

SOLIDWORKS Blank Installation Manager

      Do you ever get a Blank Installation Manager when installing or upgrading a service pack and fresh installation of SOLIDWORKS? There could be several reasons like Anti Virus blocking the file OR even Windows is blocking the file because of the EXE extension. If disabling anti virus doesn’t help them try this: 1. Download the SolidWorksSetup but don’t extract it. 2. Right click on the file and select properties (I’ve renamed the SolidWorksSetup to SolidWorksSetup 2015 SP 3.0 EV for…
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SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 3.0 EV (Early Visibility) is available for download


  SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 3.0 EV is available for download This service pack is now available to Subscription Service customers. To download, click here or log into the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal at and click Download Software and Updates to get access to the update. Also make sure you’re registered for Early Visibility Program* For registering for Early Visibility Program, log into your SOLIDWORKS Portal account, go to my profile and select the option “Notify me for EV (Early Visibility) access” under My Preferences. *P.S: Login required for…
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Fixing Diameter Symbol Displaying As MOD-DIAM instead of ø in SOLIDWORKS

Missing Gtol.sym File

      I have seen that lot of people are having issues where symbols have changed to the scripts instead of display as symbols specially the Diameter symbol which instead of showing as ø, show up as <MOD-DIAM>. OR even getting error message for missing Gtol.sym file. Where as this is the correct behavior. So let’s talk about different options to fix it. 1. Save and close all active files in SOLIDWORKS and restart it. This should fix the issue. 2. If you’re…
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