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SOLIDWORKS Program: Batch Delete Model Design Table

  A small utility to batch delete design table from SOLIDWORKS Model (Part and Assembly files) in a selected folder. User can choose both Part and Assembly or either of these. Also there is option to process files in sub folder(s) also. Use under Disclaimer as stated here Here is a video showing working of the program. Follow the steps below to get this utility free of cost: Download the Generate Key Program. Run the Generate Key Program and that would create a…
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Clash of the Beta SW2017 Testers – The Chase Begins!!

      The wait is over and SOLIDWORKS 2017 Beta 1.0 is finally available for download and so is the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Beta Contest.   SOLIDWORKS users and VAR employees from all over the world are enjoying shooting the Beta bugs while competing with each other in various SOLIDWORKS 2017 Beta Contests. So how about you? Have you join in the force for the Beta testing or still need some good reasons for Beta Testing? Here are some of my reasons for…
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SOLIDWORKS: Bitmask Calculator for Sheetmetal API

Name/Size: SOLIDWORKS: Bismark Calculator for Sheetmetal API 64k Version/Date: 1.0 05/15/16 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta Description: Bismark Calculator for SOLIDWORKS Sheetmetal API. Use under Disclaimer as stated here This program calculates Bitmask option required for Sheet Metal when exporting to parts to DXF/DWG. Export Part to DWG Example (VBA) The calculated value will be used for the options value based on what user needs to export.  

Mastering 3d Printing with SolidProfessor

I don’t think there are people in industry today who are unfamiliar with 3d Printing, a process of creating physical components from the 3d models. This is done using the 3d printer (there are many around us now) and one can choose between varieties of material. There are different technologies being used these days for 3d printing. And depending on the construction, different 3d printers use different technology. With an ease in use and reach, the demand of 3d printing…
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SOLIDWORKS Macro: Toggle Selected Dimension as Driven-Driving

Name/Size: Toggle Selected Dimension as Driven-Driving 36k Version/Date: 1.0 04/08/16 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta Description: Macro to toggle the state of currently selected dimension in active sketch. Use under Disclaimer as stated here All macros will be updated/made for SOLIDWORKS 2015. In case you’re running a different version then update/correct the macro reference as suggested here (don’t worry on the fact that video is for fixing missing library error but check the process to update your macro library) : Fix-Update SOLIDWORKS…
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