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New SolidWorks Certification Center

There is all new SolidWorks Certification Center on the board. The features/options are much improved and so is the look. Here is sneak view of the new site. The site is available in two different languages (English and Svenska) which can be switched from button on the top right. So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy the new site features SolidWorks Certification Center

Joining a Split Entity

You must have used splitting of any entity. If not check this “Splitting an Entity”.  Now say while doing this, you created an extra split which was not required and if you try to delete, it delete that portion of the entity. Here is quick trick to delete that extra/unwanted split point. 1. Select the split entity point you want to delete. 2. Hit Delete on the keyboard. 3. Great you have the entity got rid of that unwanted split point….
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Splitting an Entity

This post talks about splitting an entity or dividing an entity in two or more numbers. The procedure is very simple and easy to use. 1. Select or highlight the entity you want to split. (highlighted entity) (selected entity) 2. Right click and select Split. 3. Place point or click on the entity where you want to split. 4. After you are done, click OK. You have an entity divided into parts. You may give dimension or relations to constrain…
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Adding / Removing Leaders

You use leader with notes or other annotations is SolidWorks. Depending on the need you may add a single leader or may be multiple. And while adding multiple leaders, you may add an extra leader which is not required and you want to omit that. This post talks about adding as well as removing leader from a note or annotation. Adding a Leader 1. Click any where on the Leader. 2. Select the point on the arrow head. 3. With…
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Using Sketch for dimensioning in Drawing

There might be situations when you need to use a sketch to show some dimension in a drawing.  You simply turn on the sketch and create the required dimensions. Now next thing will be to hide the sketch as you don’t want to show it up. So you simply right click on the sketch in the feature manager and set the sketch to hide. Oops, to your surprise, the dimension which you have created have also puffed off (or better…
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