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Different ways to make a SLOT

When one thinks of slot, generally the obround shape comes into mind. I have seen various posts where a user has asked about making a slot or obround cut. There can be several ways to create a slot and one may adopt the method which he/she finds easy and quick to use. In this chapter let’s discuss about various ways of making a slot. 1. Line –Arc Method: Start a new sketch and start a vertical or horizontal line as…
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How to animate simple Spur Gear in SolidWorks

In this post I will discuss about a simple animation of Spur Gears. I have used SW2009 for the tutorial but lower version can be used to perform this activity. You can use any cylindrical part for the animation. I have used spur gear to make the animation more realistic. 1. Start SolidWorks and go to Tools > Add-Ins. Make sure Toolbox/Toolbox browser is checked. If not then check them to add. 2. Click on the right side on Design…
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Sorry for keeping this one longer. There was some other work going on which kept me away from putting this one up but I’m happy to have this one now.. To start you will the spring file you created in the last chapter i.e. HOW TO ANIMATE A SPRING -1. 1. Open the spring part file. 2. Click on the Record button on the macro tool bar. If you haven’t have the macro toolbar one, you can go to Tools…
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How to make a 3D PDF out of SolidWorks

There is possibility of creating a PDF output where a user can do not only rotate, pan and zoom but there are many other functions one can see in the created PDF. In simple word you can get a 3D PDF out of SolidWorks. This option is available from SW2007 onwards. 1. Open any part or assembly file for which you want to create the 3D PDF. 2. Go to File > Save As 3. In type file type, select…
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Quite many time people have been asking me as how I have done the spring animation or can we animate spring in SolidWorks. The answer is yes and here is the trick. I have used SW07 to show “How to Animate a Spring”. 1) Start a new part (can be either mm or inch). 2) RMB on the top plane or any plane and choose “Insert Sketch” from the pop up window. You can also select plane and click “Insert…
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