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Continuing with the old ISO section trick, SolidWorks has added a good option to create an isometric Section View. 1) Create the drawing placing/creating any view except Isometric or similar view. 2) Create section view and place the view. 3) RMB on the sectioned view and select the Isometric Section option from the menu. 4) You are done with the Isometric Section View.


Many times people have been asking about how they can create an Isometric Section view. When I started working on Solidworks, I used the configurations trick to accomplish this. Now a day I call that as an old trick. I have used one simple revolved part for this exercise. This trick can be applied to assemblies as well. Here goes the old ISO section trick. 1) Create one configuration of the part/assembly of which you want to show the ISO…
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How to create Weldment Profile

1)    Start a new part and start a new sketch. 2)    Give dimensions and fully constrain you sketch. 3)    Exit sketch and select the sketch from the Feature Manger Tree. 4)    Keeping your sketch selected, go to File > Save as 5)    Change the file type to Lib Feat part (*.sldlfp) 6)    Go to location C:Program FilesSolidWorksdataweldment profiles and create you own folder or use the exiting folders. You can also set you own location and map the path in…
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How to Create – Edit Revision Table

1. Start a new drawing. 2. Insert Standard Solidworks Revision Table. 3. Standard Revision table can be found under C:Program filesSolidWorkslangEnglish 4. It will look similar to pic below. 5. Click on the column as shown. 6. After selecting the column, you can see the property tab. You can select any of the listed property or select from the custom list. 7. Select the column title or write your own title. 8. For changing the column width, row height or…
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Setting model’s view in animator/motion manager – 2.

Continuing to my last post about using the Key method to change view orientation and have different model views in the same animation. Following are the steps involved for the same. 1. Make sure you have enabled the “Orientation and Camera View” is enabled, replaced the “Key” and you have set your “View position”. Its Trimetric in this case. 2. Drag the timebar to any time limit. Its 5 seconds in this case. 3. RMB on the timebar and select…
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