Blast Out of Beta SOLIDWORKS 2018 is HERE…


SOLIDWORKS 2018 has finally come out of beta and SOLIDWORKS 2018 PR1 has already been released*.

There are a lot of sweet candies to enjoy with SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes many enhancements and improvements, most in direct response to customer requests.

Here are some of my Favorites:

  1. Auto-Rotate View on Sketch Edit
  2. Measure Tool Enhancements
  3. Mouse Gestures Enhancements
  4. Mirror Sketches about Planes and Planar Faces
  5. Mirror 3D Sketch in a click
  6. Select Over Geometry
  7. Show Document Open Times
  8. Temporarily Hiding Faces when Selecting Mates
  9. Allowing Misaligned Concentric Mates
  10. Rotate pattern instances along a pattern direction
  11. Assembly Open Progress Indicator
  12. Smart Explode Lines
  13. Applying Layers and Colors to Hatches
  14. Broken-Out Section Views Enhancements
  15. All Uppercase Characters (Drawings)
  16. Decals in eDrawings Files
  17. Bounding Box for Parts
  18. Feature Freeze Bar Works with All Folders
  19. Tab and Slot Feature for both Part and Assembly
  20. Controlling the Tangency Direction in sketching
  21. Mirroring Entities Using Reference Planes and Planar Faces
  22. Customizing Description for Bounding Box Properties
  23. Linking a Cut List Folder to a Cut List Property

P.S. The new enhancements listed above will depend on the release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP 0 and may change.

To watch the live launch of SOLIDWORKS 2018 scheduled for September 26th 10:00 AM EST. Register today

Over the next few weeks, I would be sharing more details on the new enhancements of SOLIDWORKS 2018, so stay tuned and happy reading!!

*P.S: Login required for access. Full access requires an active Subscription Service contract.

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