Creating New View Orientation

While working on parts/assemblies, sometimes you need a view different other than the standard views for a quick presentation. You set your view, take the snapshot or save as jpg for the moment. But next time when you need the same view orientation, it may take several trials and error to get closer to what you did last time. The simple solution is to save you view orientation.  The procedure is also simple and you can save multiple numbers of…
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Delete Key is Dead: Fixing Delete Key

Oops my Delete key is no more working in SolidWorks. Does this happen to you? You started work one fine morning, opened up the SolidWorks with plans in the mind to finish up the work you left over last evening. Suddenly after sometime while working, you noticed that delete key (on the keyboard) is not working. Though you can right click on the entity and select Delete or use Edit > Delete to delete a feature of entity but not…
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Measure Error – 2 and 256

Are you being bugged by this error every time you want to use the measure tool? This error is due to reason that Fractions – Denominator value is set to a value less than 2 or more than 256. Follow the steps to get rid of it. Click on Measure tool  to get the measure tool window.(either on the toolbar or Tools > Measure). Now click on Units/Precision (in/mm). Switch to Fractions mode. Set the value of Denominator between 2…
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Add more Weldment Profiles

Are you looking for more Weldment profiles for you database? Check the following options/places: 1 Create your own: Have a look at this post and make customized Weldment profile. 2 3DCC: Visit Go to search section and use a key word weldmentlibraryfeature. There are around 72 different Weldment profiles available to download and use. Just make sure you put them in the appropriate folder/location (check above post on how to organize or where to place your downloaded weldment profile)…
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Joining a Split Entity

You must have used splitting of any entity. If not check this “Splitting an Entity”.  Now say while doing this, you created an extra split which was not required and if you try to delete, it delete that portion of the entity. Here is quick trick to delete that extra/unwanted split point. 1. Select the split entity point you want to delete. 2. Hit Delete on the keyboard. 3. Great you have the entity got rid of that unwanted split point….
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