SolidWorks World 2011

The fun and excitement is back, countdown has started and registration is open for another episode of SolidWorks World. SolidWorks World 2011 will take place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA from January 23 to 26. If you are first timer to SWW check this as “Why you should attend“. The SWW 2011 website will give you all the required details like Agenda, Location details (for checking near by hotels and the surrounding areas),…
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Customize Custom Property List

Do you ever wanted to edit the Custom Property List you see under Property name in File Summary Information. You might have to remove or add any additional property or even reorder the list. Here are the few easy steps to achieve that. 1. Close any open SolidWorks session. Though this will not make a difference but might be better sometimes if the list is in use. 2. Browse to this path \SolidWorkslangenglish (can be different in your machine) or…
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New SolidWorks Certification Center

There is all new SolidWorks Certification Center on the board. The features/options are much improved and so is the look. Here is sneak view of the new site. The site is available in two different languages (English and Svenska) which can be switched from button on the top right. So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy the new site features SolidWorks Certification Center

Installation FAQs

As the name suggests, this topic covers the SolidWorks Installation FAQs. If you have questions like; what should I do to my system prior to a new installation? Or how do I uninstall SolidWorks from my computer? Or why is it recommended to turn off anti-virus scanning when installing SolidWorks? Then this post is a must read to clear all your doubts. If still you have anything other than covered here, please write back or comment. Click here for SolidWorks…
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How to make/edit Material Database in SW09

1) Start a new part. Right click on the Material and select Edit material from the pop up menu. 2) Right click any where on the left side and select New Library. 3) Save you database a name and at a specified location or Solidworks default Location. I have used My_mat09 as my database/library name. 4) The new material database/library will get added in the list. 5) To add a material category, RMB on the new library and select new…
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