Learn SolidWorks API while you Watch!

Macros are small programs in SolidWorks which allows to do lot of repeated or complex stuff in very short time. In other words you can take a coffee break while that tiny Macro is working for you and you get the salary for that work. Looks interesting, then read on.. Pre-requisites to learn SolidWorks API Just a combo of SolidWorks and a Programming language (VB, VB.NET, C#, and C++) can make you API master. I prefer VB not because I feel it is more…
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Christmas Sale and New Year Gifts from Daniel Lavoie

Looking to enhance your SolidWorks Surfacing skills.. Then it’s a good time to do so while enjoying the holidays. What you think of models shown in the pic below. Wana model then yourself too.. Then just get the tutorials for almost half the price. Click on each picture below for more details. Hurry up, offer lasts  till January 5th 2012. Isn’t it a good way to enjoy your holidays while honing SolidWorks skills..


Balancing costs and benefits is an important, yet challenging, part of product design. Consider this enclosure. How do you know the optimal design? Will 2 fans improve the cooling? Or will the extra expense, noise and power requirements outweigh the benefits? Test your skills. Will it break? Bend? Melt? Ignite? Shatter? (Click on picture to view solution)

FREE Santa’s Sleigh 2.0 in SolidWorks

Doesn’t this Santa looks cool. Do you know his  sleigh and reindeer as designed and rendered in SolidWorks!  This year Jan-Willem was asked by the TSG group, (this is the company he works for) to create a Christmas card. He thought it would be nice to use his SolidWorks and vizualisation skills for this Christmas card. Finally he  designed a futuristic sleigh for Santa (and his reindeer as well!  ) Now what then? Jan-Willem is offering the SolidWorks files of Santa’s futuristic sleigh for free to enjoy your…
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i GET IT offers 40% discount on Training

i GET IT provides online self-paced training for engineers.  The i GET IT training course library contains an extensive listing of SolidWorks courses and industry topics.   You can also publish your own training content to share knowledge within your organization within i GET IT. Overall i GET IT provides a BETTER way to take training and share knowledge for you to become a BETTER engineer. Receive 40%* off all i GET IT online training subscriptions. i GET IT  offers over 1,000 training courses for engineers for…
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