Control Sketch Pattern via Configuration

Just like Jerry Pham, do you need to Control Sketch Pattern via Configuration??

If yes then here are the simple steps to do that:

1. Edit the sketch and add the sketch (linear/circular) pattern as required. You may skip this if you’ve already done this.

2. Add the configurations as required. You may skip this if you’ve already done this.

3. Double click on the sketch containing the sketch (linear/circular) pattern so that dimensions and pattern instance count display.

4. Double click on the pattern instance count for editing it.

5. Change the value as required and set it to this configuration. Switch to other configuration and change the value as required. make sure you set this to “This Configuration

6. Rebuild if required and switch to each configuration to check if the instance count and sketch updated properly.

7. The above is done using one sketch only. To make it happen, make sure “Display Instance Count” is selected while you’re doing the patter.


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  1. Richard Pitts

    Does this work if the value of the number of instances is 1 in some configurations (no pattern, just the seed part). Does that mess up the dimension from instance 1 to instance 2 when going from 1 configuration to another?

    1. Deepak Gupta (Post author)

      Never tried that but might be interesting to see the outcome.


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