Fix SOLIDWORKS Animation Toolbar Not Appearing



You’ve created a nice exploded view and now want to see the animation to visual/verify that exploded view.

To do this, you right-click on the exploded view and select Animate Explode/Collapse.


But to your surprise the animation gets started but you do not see the toolbar and finally you’ve to close/quit SOLIDWORKS as you cannot do anything.

And if you try to press ESC (just wishing to get over the issue), you get the error message.

So what is the reason and fix.

Reason: The reason behind this issue could be related to position of the ‘Animation Controller’ toolbar which might have been out of the screen and hence not accessible.

Fix: The simple fix is to hack (edit, reset, etc.) the registry key for the ‘Animation Controller’ toolbar and change the values to re-position the ‘Animation Controller’ toolbar.

Follow these steps to reset the key:


2. On the start menu type regedit (case not sensitive)

3. And press enter OR click on the regedit icon. This would open the Registry Editor.

4. Now in the registry editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ SOLIDWORKS \ SOLIDWORKS 20XX\User Interface\Dialogs (XX denotes SOLIDWORKS version, for e.g. 2017).

5. In the Dialog key, look for uiAnimationPlayBackDialog_c string.

6. Double click on this string to edit its value.

7. The values data shown is the coordinate values to define the position of that toolbar. Take a note of these values given in the modify window just in case you need them back.

8. Now change these values to “0,1,-1,-1,-1,-1,56,62,388,127” (without quotes).

9. This will reset the position of the ‘Animation Controller’ toolbar and next time you would see it back on the screen.

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