How to Show Model Sketch(es) in Drawing Views in SOLIDWORKS




An old question “Is it possible to show a model sketch in drawing?” which I see comes often at various SOLIDWORKS forums, email discussions, groups, etc. The answer to this question is very simple and it is Yes.

Show Model Sketch

Here are quick steps on how to do that.

1 Have the drawing active in which you want to show the model view.

2 Make sure that Sketches are set to show. This can be checked and set from heads-up toolbar Hide/Show options OR View Menu > Hide/Show options.


3 Expand the view in FeatureManager tree and find the sketch you want to show.

4 Right-click on the sketch and select show.

5 The sketch would be visible.

6 Repeat from step 3 on wards to show other sketches in same or other views..

7 To hide specific sketch(es), repeat from step 3 on wards and select Hide instead of show OR right-click on sketch(es) in the graphic view and select hide.


The steps shown above written using SOLIDWORKS 2017 but they are also applicable for older versions also.



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