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Jan Zuyderduynfounder of LearnSolidworks who has released SOLIDWORKS learning courses like Yacht and lot of other free learning tutorials and tips has recently launched a new course of an Amazing Chopper!

Amazing Chopper

Jan thinks that “To make full use of the potential of software like Adobe Photoshop, SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Visualize you must understand the practical approach to designing a product”. And I completely agree with his thinking process.

The course is not entirely about learning SOLIDWORKS but discovering “How To Sketch, Model and Render An Amazing Chopper!“. Like his earlier courses, this course is also to help people to become a better Product Designer in an exciting and practical way. Not by explaining all the features of the software but by showing you exactly how to hand sketch, 3D model and render a cool product from scratch. Isn’t that cool.

Amazing Chopper

In this all-in-one video training course you will discover how to make a professional mood board, ideation sketches, presentational sketches, a detailed 3D model in SOLIDWORKS and realistic environmental renderings of an amazing Chopper, in PhotoView 360 and SOLIDWORKS Visualize!

Amazing Chopper

The course consists of mainly three main modules. Each module is dedicated to specific section taking you from step to step to the final product. With this systematic video training course, your design skills will be launched to an expert level in the most practical way possible. The course is not intended for a specific group or people or users but anyone looking to enhance his/her skills can go for this course.

Amazing Chopper

The full cost of this course is €997 but Jan has offered to a 50% discount on the course to my blog readers until 31st December. And you can get the discount by clicking on this link.

So if you really looking forward to Supercharge Your Design Skills In 2017 then this course is a good way to start. Read more about why you should opt for this course.


Amazing Chopper


P.S. This offer has already expired

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