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LEGO® Minion™

(Picture of LEGO® Minion™ by Fred)

We all love Minions™, yes we do. He is a cute little buddy with yellow body and sweet blue suit. How cool it would to make a LEGO® Minion™ while learning SOLIDWORKS.

OK, here is a book that teaches you basics of SOLIDWORKS along with modeling LEGO® Minion™


SOLIDWORKS Basics is for anyone new to CAD software who wants to learn how to use SOLIDWORKS and for those who want to increase their proficiency in this versatile program. Written by an expert and experienced instructor, this illustrated handbook provides a complete course, taking readers step by step through the basic operations of SOLIDWORKS 2015.

Some of the salient features of the book are:

  • Detailed instructions teaching both specific steps and good design skills.
  • Full-color illustrated projects designing LEGO® Minions™, Bar Pullers, Center Jigs, Turkey Calls, and more.
  • Covers how parts are broken down into logical features that are created, refined, and added.
  • QR codes (in the print edition) and Web links (in the ebook) take readers to online instructional videos.
  • Lot of interesting stuff, tips, etc. to learn in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Lot of other related information to hone the SOLIDWORKS and related skills.
  • Brief details on new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2015

In my opinion, the book has been written very well with care for the smaller details. The author talks about various icons, shortcut keys and other related information throughout the book. The language is very simple to understand and added pictures make it more clear. The book lets you set up and understand the SOLIDWORKS environment, build parts, and make assemblies and finally the drawings.

Packed with great info and priced at $39.95, this big book is a pretty good value. As a special deal, readers of this blog can get the ebook version for 30% off by visiting ebooks.industrialpress.com and using the discount code WORDPRESS30 (special offer good until August 15).

You can check more details on the book here: SOLIDWORKS Basics

Laura, a tech-loving editor who was lucky to get to work with Fred Fulkerson on his book said

Not only is Fred Fulkerson an expert in SOLIDWORKS and an experienced teacher (he has been using variations of this material, including the text and the instructional videos, in his Canadian university classroom for some time), he also enjoys working with and teaching SOLIDWORKS and infuses his discussions with his subtle sense of humor–I think that all of this comes through in the book. I find his refreshing approach to make a lot of sense: he starts with the basics and builds from there, not just showing you commands, but explaining what you can do with them, while exploring different ways that you can go about the same thing. In addition to focusing on the essentials of a solid design, he also points out potential pitfalls and what you need to do to avoid problems and fix common errors. Clear explanations and step by step instructions, without too much wordy text, are filled with snapshots of SOLIDWORKS “buttons” and are accompanied by key screenshots. The appendixes provide useful info. And the contents and index help in navigating around the book. I think this is a good book for beginners (like me) and for users who want to add to their skills in this program.

LEGO® Minion™

(Picture of LEGO® Minion™ by Fred)


Fred Fulkerson graduated from the Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario and from Conestoga College, General Machining program.  He is a red seal certified General Machinist and is a certified Mastercam and SolidWorks instructor.  He has been teaching for 15 years, the last nine at Conestoga College. He is currently a professor in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Fred Fulkerson

Fulkerson lives just south of Cambridge, Ontario with his wife, triplet teenage daughters, two cats, two rabbits, a pond of gold fish and a Bassett hound.  Any comments or suggestions about this book may be emailed to fredumacation@gmail.com.

SOLIDWORKS Yacht Tutorial Free eBook

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