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Installation FAQs

As the name suggests, this topic covers the SolidWorks Installation FAQs. If you have questions like; what should I do to my system prior to a new installation? Or how do I uninstall SolidWorks from my computer? Or why is it recommended to turn off anti-virus scanning when installing SolidWorks? Then this post is a must read to clear all your doubts. If still you have anything other than covered here, please write back or comment. Click here for SolidWorks…
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I have heard this request many times so putting it up over here. The whole credit for this should go to Stefan Berlitz of . Without his wonderful macro, this option might not have been possible. Before starting the process I will strongly advice you to make a backup of the files. Open you part, drawing or assembly file from which you want to copy the Tool, Options> System Options /Document Properties Settings. Open the Excel based macro and…
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Different ways to Mate with a SLOT -1

Now we have finished and learned the techniques of making a SLOT, the second question comes up in the mind is “How to Mate with a SLOT”. Again there can be several ways to achieve this and one may adopt the method which he/she finds easy and quick to use. In this chapter let’s discuss about various simple ways of mating with a SLOT. To use these methods you need a simple plate with a Slot of any size, a…
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Different ways to make a SLOT

When one thinks of slot, generally the obround shape comes into mind. I have seen various posts where a user has asked about making a slot or obround cut. There can be several ways to create a slot and one may adopt the method which he/she finds easy and quick to use. In this chapter let’s discuss about various ways of making a slot. 1. Line –Arc Method: Start a new sketch and start a vertical or horizontal line as…
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How to animate simple Spur Gear in SolidWorks

In this post I will discuss about a simple animation of Spur Gears. I have used SW2009 for the tutorial but lower version can be used to perform this activity. You can use any cylindrical part for the animation. I have used spur gear to make the animation more realistic. 1. Start SolidWorks and go to Tools > Add-Ins. Make sure Toolbox/Toolbox browser is checked. If not then check them to add. 2. Click on the right side on Design…
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