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Flexi Tube -1 (motion thorough a tube)

Just another fun with the SolidWorks animation. This one talks more on in-context modeling approach and how to use that for animation. Though more focus will be on creating the animation but yes there is small though most important role of in-context modeling. Preparing for the animation: 1. To start, create a spherical ball of any dia and the save the part as Ball ( I have taken the dia as 3in). 2. Start a new assembly and save it…
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Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step

Animation had always been an interesting thing for me and I keep on doing experiment with animation in SolidWorks. SolidWorks has recently come up with its new version of “Creating Animations with SolidWorks step-by-step”. And when I was asked for reviewing the book I was full of joy as this will be my first chance to learn more about the animation from a step by step guide. The book contains 35 easy-to-understand tutorials and practice exercises, each building upon the…
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Creating New View Orientation

While working on parts/assemblies, sometimes you need a view different other than the standard views for a quick presentation. You set your view, take the snapshot or save as jpg for the moment. But next time when you need the same view orientation, it may take several trials and error to get closer to what you did last time. The simple solution is to save you view orientation.  The procedure is also simple and you can save multiple numbers of…
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Delete Key is Dead: Fixing Delete Key

Oops my Delete key is no more working in SolidWorks. Does this happen to you? You started work one fine morning, opened up the SolidWorks with plans in the mind to finish up the work you left over last evening. Suddenly after sometime while working, you noticed that delete key (on the keyboard) is not working. Though you can right click on the entity and select Delete or use Edit > Delete to delete a feature of entity but not…
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Motion along Path

As the name suggest, the post talk about creating a quick animation of part(s) along a path. The path can be open or close. And to illustrate the method, I have used very simple parts (a box and a path). Preparing for the animation: To start, create a rectangular box of any size. For the path, you can create a new part with the path (basically a sketch) or start a new assembly, start a new part and create the…
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