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Motion along Path

As the name suggest, the post talk about creating a quick animation of part(s) along a path. The path can be open or close. And to illustrate the method, I have used very simple parts (a box and a path). Preparing for the animation: To start, create a rectangular box of any size. For the path, you can create a new part with the path (basically a sketch) or start a new assembly, start a new part and create the…
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Measure Error – 2 and 256

Are you being bugged by this error every time you want to use the measure tool? This error is due to reason that Fractions – Denominator value is set to a value less than 2 or more than 256. Follow the steps to get rid of it. Click on Measure tool  to get the measure tool window.(either on the toolbar or Tools > Measure). Now click on Units/Precision (in/mm). Switch to Fractions mode. Set the value of Denominator between 2…
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Linking Dimensions (values) – 2

Continued from part one, this post discuses the second method i.e. “Shared/Link Values method” Shared/Link Values: When dimensions are linked in this way, any member of the group can be used as a driving dimension. Changing any one of the linked values changes all others to which it is linked. The variable name you specify becomes the name of the linked dimensions. How to use Share/Link values to link two dimensions: Start a new part and start a sketch on…
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Drilling a Hole on Cylindrical Surface

We deal with lot of cases where we need to drill holes on cylindrical surfaces. The modelling techniques may be differ what we use in actual production/manufacturing. This post discusses some of the methods that you can use to model your cylindrical parts with hole. Hole Wizard (hereafter will be called as HW) has been utilized to do all the drilling (creating hole feature) in this post. A very simple cylinder has been used to demonstrate the methods. Method 1:…
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Linking Dimensions (values)–1

As the post name suggested, here we will discuss on ways you can link two or more dimensions. The basic idea is make dimensions depend on each other and helps in quick updation of the dimension value. The two ways via which dimensions can be linked are: Using Equations Shared/Link Values Both the methods can be used in parts as well as assemblies. Using Equations: When dimensions are linked in this way, one member of the group is a driving…
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