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We’re living is a world where data is very important to us. We (admin) take every necessary step to make sure that data is not lost or stolen but still we face these issues many times. Even with putting firewalls and other comprehensive external security controls (which are complex and expensive) in place to protect data from external hackers, the data can also be stolen internally resulting into huge loss of Intellectual Properties (IP) and money of course.

The internal threats are via copying data to flash drive, printing, emailing, uploading to various other sites, etc. Admin have to give read rights to data to the users since they would be working on it but still some of them can easily stole it. And finding internal data stealing is not easier.

So what is the solution besides controlling USB ports, printers, Internet access? We need a proper data security management system in place to avoid the above issues and Curtain e-locker from Coworkshop (a SOLIDWORKS solution partner) fits into that role.

Curtain e-locker is an Information Rights Management (IRM) system that prevents sensitive information from leaking out of the company. Usually the read/write given to users are save, transfer, save outside the protected directory, print, etc. But with Curtain e-locker in place, a protected zone is formed and all unauthorized actions like saving anywhere or outside of protected zone, print screen, copying files to different location, etc. are prohibited resulting into more control over the data while users have rights to continue working on the confidential data. With the set up policies in place, users are free to use the data within in the protected zone.

Basic components Curtain™ e-locker

  • Curtain e-locker Client: To install on end user machine
  • Curtain e-locker Policy Server : To install on server or admin machine from where admin can set up the policies.
  • Curtain e-locker Server Plug-in: To install on server machine(s) on which you want to protect shared data

As an engineer or CAD Admin you must be thinking that how Curtain e-locker is helpful in securing our CAD data. Then please be delighted to know that in addition to supporting various Windows/Office Applications, Curtain e-locker also works with SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS EPDM, SOLIDWORKS  Simulation, eDrawings, DraftSight and lots of other CAD/CAM tools.

Here are screen shots from SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS EPDM and eDrawings with e-locker installed, safeguarding your data.

Curtain e-locker comes in mainly two versions:

  • Office Suite License: To take care of your general office applications
  • Universal License: To take care of your CAD/CAM applications in addition to office applications

Check Curtain e-locker Overview Demo

And if you’re convinced with the demo and want to try out, then Curtain e-locker is available as trial version. You can get the trial by visiting and entering the promotion code NDPHS

And in case you’ve already used the trial version and looking to buy Curtain e-locker, then also use the promotion code NDPHS to avail 5% discount. For pricing and other details, contact Coworkshop Team

Sensitive information can be leaked out of the company without your knowledge. When you know the leakage, it is already too late. 

Let Curtain e-locker protect your valuable information!!!

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