SolidWorks 2014: Creating Angular Running/Ordinate Dimensions

Another cool enhancement in SolidWorks 2014 Angular Running/Ordinate Dimensions. No more workaround 🙂

Angular Running Dimensions

Here are the quick steps:

1. Within an open drawing, click on Angular running dimensions under Dimensions (make sure you have view on which you want to do the Angular Running/Ordinate Dimensions).

2. Pick the center mark in the view.

3. Position the 0 value as required.

4. Select other center mark or points/edges and dimensions will be populated and placed 

5. If you need the chain display or arrows, select “Display as Chain Dimension” under Leaders tab (make sure you have the dimension selected).

6. If you need to have the dimensions in both directions, select “Run bidirectionally” under Leaders tab (make sure you have the dimension selected). 

7. If you need the extension line from center for particular dimension, select “Extension line extends from center of set” Leaders tab (make sure you have the dimension selected). 

8. Need to move a dimension away, then right on the dimension and select “Break Alignment”.

9. And then drag the dimension away as required.

No more workaround to create Angular Running/Ordinate Dimensions :). Visit SolidWorks 2014 website to see all of the new features that can help you design without limits.

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