SolidWorks 2014: Pack and Go but Toolbox, Sorry NO

Another cool enhancement in SolidWorks 2014, leave Toolbox components while you do Pack and Go.

Yes with SolidWorks 2014, users have the ability to leave Toolbox parts behind. The advantage is clearly simple, maintaining the toolbox reference from the location meant for toolbox and not the new folder OR the zip file created by pack and go.

I remember how big hassle it was to deal with toolbox parts when I did the pack and go to make a copy of the assembly along with its parts for creating a new instance. I had to delete the toolbox parts and re add them or change their reference to the centralized toolbox location. This was a big issue when working in multi users environment.

But now the problem has been resolved and users get a new option to include/exclude the toolbox components. The option would be unchecked by default which means if you need the toolbox parts to travel with the pack and go files, you need to select the option. Fairly simple 🙂

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