SOLIDWORKS 2016 is coming, Enjoy Some Teasers!



SOLIDWORKS 2016 will be officially unveiled on September 8, 2015  i.e. today and while you’re waiting for the big reveal, here are quick peeks at some of the new features (I’m sure you’re going to love them)


Here is list of some of the new enhancements:

Choosing a Configuration While Adding a Component

It is now possible to choose a configuration while adding a component. When you use the Insert Components/Begin Assembly PropertyManager to add a component to an assembly, you can select the desired configuration from a list before placing the component in the graphics area.


Expandable PropertyManager Input Boxes

When a PropertyManager contains an input box that lists selections, the list expands to show all selections. You can also drag the bottom of the list to control its size.


Reversing Sketch Offsets

In SOLIDWORKS 2016, you can edit the sketch and reverse the direction of offset sketch entities with the Reverse Direction functionality.


Purge Unused Features

In parts and assemblies, you can selectively delete features and components that are suppressed in all configurations of the model.


Virtual Subassemblies

When you make a subassembly virtual, you can make all of its child components virtual at the same time. Conversely, when you save a virtual subassembly to an external file, you can save all of its child components to external files at the same time.


Toggling the Visibility of Bodies or Components

You can toggle the visibility of solid and surface bodies by moving the pointer over the body in the graphics area and clicking Tab to hide or Shift + Tab to show. These keyboard shortcuts have been available for components in assemblies and are now available for bodies in parts.



Converting Entities with Internal Loops

You can now convert an entity’s internal loops or entities of a model face automatically with the Select all inner loops option of the Convert Entities tool.


Automatic Border

The Automatic Border tool lets you control every aspect of a sheet format’s border, including zone layout and border size. Using the Automatic Border tool, borders and zones automatically update to match changes in the Zone Parameters tab of the Sheet Properties dialog box without having to manually edit the sheet format. You can also include Margin Mask areas where formatting elements such as labels and dividers are not shown. This is helpful when you want to mask an area on a sheet for notes.



PhotoView 360 Lighting Control Through Proof Sheets

PhotoView 360 proof sheets let you select lighting settings by viewing the effects of a range of settings in a series of proof sheets. Each image represents a different setting for your primary PhotoView 360 lighting.


Redesigned Triad Controls

The triad is redesigned to make it easier to control model orientation in 3D, using selection handles and angle rotation. On screen manipulators like the triad manipulator, section view triad, and Instant3D arrows have been redesigned for better visibility and enlarged to be easier to manipulate.



DimXpert for Assemblies

Maybe you drill assembly level mounting holes? Maybe you need to define inseparable parts like PEM fasteners on a sheet metal panel? You can now create DimXpert dimensions and tolerances in Assemblies.



Be sure to bookmark the new SOLIDWORKS 2016 website and check back later to see all of the new features and enhancements.

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  1. Glenn Schroeder

    Hello Deepak,

    You highlighted several really good new features here, and I know you don’t have room for all of them, so if you don’t mind I’d like mention a couple of my favorites that may seem small but will save me a lot of mouse clicks. The ability to choose the midpoint of a sketched line directly without the need to right-click and select it from the drop-down is probably the one I’m most looking forward to. Changing sheet scales directly from the status bar is another one.


    1. Deepak Gupta (Post author)

      Thanks Glenn for sharing them. The mid point select is also on my fav. list.


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