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Fix SOLIDWORKS Animation Toolbar Not Appearing

    You’ve created a nice exploded view and now want to see the animation to visual/verify that exploded view. To do this, you right-click on the exploded view and select Animate Explode/Collapse.   But to your surprise the animation gets started but you do not see the toolbar and finally you’ve to close/quit SOLIDWORKS as you cannot do anything. And if you try to press ESC (just wishing to get over the issue), you get the error message. So…
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Animating a Cylinder Grow

Do you need to show animating cylinder i.e. increasing or decreasing height of a cylinder. Then here is a quick and easy way of doing that. Please note that you can use any unit system (metric or inches) for this tutorial. 1. Start a new part and save it without creating any features or sketch in it. I would call this part as Dummy part. 2. Start a new assembly and save it as Animating Cylinder. 3. Insert the part…
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