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SOLIDWORKS Program: Batch Delete Model Design Table

  A small utility to batch delete design table from SOLIDWORKS Model (Part and Assembly files) in a selected folder. User can choose both Part and Assembly or either of these. Also there is option to process files in sub folder(s) also. Use under Disclaimer as stated here Here is a video showing working of the program. Follow the steps below to get this utility free of cost: Download the Generate Key Program. Run the Generate Key Program and that would create a…
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SOLIDWORKS: Controlling Scale Features in Configurations

    We all use Scale feature in the model to quickly scale up or down a model. The idea is to quickly change the geometry of the model for various purpose. For e.g. in a plastic mold, components are usually scaled up to take care of shrinkage. The scale value depends on the plastic material. It does not scale dimensions, sketches, or reference geometry but only the model geometry (body). One can scale a solid or surface body about its centroid, the model…
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SOLIDWORKS Program: Batch Delete Design Table Parts

Name/Size: Delete Design Table (Parts).exe 27k Version/Date: 1.0 04/02/15 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta www.gupta9665.com Description: Standalone program to delete design table from the SOLIDWORKS Parts files in the selected folder. Will also delete design table from Part files in the sub-folder. Use under Disclaimer as stated here  

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