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How to Show Model Sketch(es) in Drawing Views in SOLIDWORKS

      An old question “Is it possible to show a model sketch in drawing?” which I see comes often at various SOLIDWORKS forums, email discussions, groups, etc. The answer to this question is very simple and it is Yes. Here are quick steps on how to do that. 1 Have the drawing active in which you want to show the model view. 2 Make sure that Sketches are set to show. This can be checked and set from heads-up…
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SOLIDWORKS Macro: Open Model From Active Drawing

  Name/Size: Open Model From Active Drawing 31k Version/Date: 1.0 03/27/2015 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta www.gupta9665.com Description: Macro to open/activate part/assembly model from current active drawing similar to open part/assembly option when you click on a view. The macro will open model being referenced by first view.Use under Disclaimer as stated here All macros will be updated/made for SOLIDWORKS 2015. In case you’re running a different version then update/correct the macro reference as suggested here (don’t worry on the fact that video is for…
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Broken Out-Half Section View (One View Only)

  Do ever need to show broken out section and want the depth to the center of one of the component in assembly OR part center. The usually method is to either select some edge (you may have to add one more view for this some times) OR define the depth in most cases. But it could be troublesome some times to get to exact center. And further if there is a size change then one need to make sure…
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SOLIDWORKS Drawing: Move Detail View to Different Sheet

  We all need to manipulate drawing views in SOLIDWORKS. Here is a video tip on how to move a detail view easily to a different sheet.  

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