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Fix SOLIDWORKS Animation Toolbar Not Appearing

    You’ve created a nice exploded view and now want to see the animation to visual/verify that exploded view. To do this, you right-click on the exploded view and select Animate Explode/Collapse.   But to your surprise the animation gets started but you do not see the toolbar and finally you’ve to close/quit SOLIDWORKS as you cannot do anything. And if you try to press ESC (just wishing to get over the issue), you get the error message. So…
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Exploding a Multi-body part -2

Continued to my earlier post on exploding a multi body part, here is another example.  I have used a Weldment part for his example. Example 2: Exploding a Weldment Part. 1. Click here to download the SW2011 part files used for this example. 2. Unzip and open up Weldment Part-2011 file. 3. Set the “3DSketch1” to show. Right click or click on “3DSketch1” and select show. 4. Also make sure sketches are set to show under View menu. 5. Go to…
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Exploding a Multi-body part -1

Many of us have been dealing with multi body parts and sometimes we need to show an exploded view similar to what we do in assembly to give a presentable picture of the parts or to show more details. Creating an exploded view in assembly is quite easy using the tool available. But are there any ways to replicate same in a multi body part. Let’s explore the ways to do it: Assembly Method: The easiest method is to convert the multi body…
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Manipulating an Exploded View in SolidWorks

Do you ever need to reorder exploded view steps or feel like renaming them for better understanding/explanation, then check these simple steps: Preconditions: An open assembly with some parts and preferably with an exploded view. I’m using an assembly having an exploded view. Check SolidWorks help file on “How to create an exploded view” To reorder Exploded View steps: Switch to configuration manger. Expand the configuration containing the exploded view and edit the feature. Select the step you want to reposition/reorder. Drag and…
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