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Sneak Peek SOLIDWORKS 2015: Profile Center Mate

Each year SOLIDWORKS releases a new version of its flagship product. Highly anticipated by SOLIDWORKS users, each release is packed with hundreds of new features and enhancements requested by users from around the world. Profile Center Mate, one of the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2015 is sure to be a favorite of any user who creates Assemblies on a regular basis. The Profile Center Mate locates the centers of two items to each other regardless of their size or shape. A…
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Tow Truck and The Rope Animation – 2

Sorry for the delay, here is the part 2 of the series. Please download the files again as I’ve updated some of them. The files are in SW2013 version,. In case you need a lower version files, please contact me and I’ll send you the files in STEP, IGES or Parsolid version You may read the part 1 here Steps to follow after you’ve downloaded the files. 1. Open the Tow Truck Assy file from the downloaded files. 2. Now start the insert…
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Different Mate Values for Different Configurations

Do you ever need to set up different mates vales (Distance and Angle mates) for different configurations in the Assembly. You can download the files used from here to do this exercise/tutorial. 1. Open the Assembly the switch to configuration manager. 2. Add the configuration as required. I already have two configurations in the assembly: Closed and Open. 3. Activate the configuration named Open. 4. Expand the mates folder. 5. Double click on Angle1 mate (so that the dimension displays up in the…
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