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Using Modo materials in PhotoView 360 2013

This was a cool option which many of us enjoyed during SolidWorks 2013 beta testing. The option is again available via SolidWorks Customer portal for subscription customer. Here are the quick steps to enjoy these with PhotoView 360 2013 – Login to the customer portal. – Click the “PhotoView 360 Appearances” link in the Download section – Click the “SolidWorks Asset Sharing” site link – Luxology site will open up. Go to Assets – Download a material asset. I’ve downloaded “Wolf Fur” –…
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SolidWorks 2013 What’s New – Quick Filter

With SolidWorks 2013, you now get the option to quickly filter the type of SolidWorks file (part, assembly or drawing) you want to open. This helps you quickly pick the file you to want. You can filter between Parts, Assemblies, Drawings or Top level assemblies.       Choose the file type and enjoy working with SolidWorks. Need more on what’s new in SolidWorks 2013, visit new SolidWorks 2013 website to see all the major updates.

SolidWorks 2013 What’s New – Multiple Versions

With SolidWorks 2013, you now get the option to decide which version of SolidWorks you want to open your files. Whenever you double-click on a SolidWorks file (part, assembly or drawing) in windows explorer (and SolidWorks is not running), you’ll get a pop up window asking you to choose which version you want to open you file with. For e.g. if your machine has SolidWorks 2012 and 2013 installed, the pop window will prompt you to choose which version you…
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Finally enjoy your SolidWorks 2013!!

Every fall, a new version of SolidWorks is unveiled with exciting and useful new functionality that goes into every release. Over 90% of enhancements are driven by customer requests. That’s true for 2013 as well, but this year might be a little more exciting than usual. SolidWorks 2013 includes some really cool new capabilities that customers have been requesting for a while. Some of the new functionality to be watched are: Conic Sketch – This gives you full control over shapes for…
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SolidWorks 2013 Sneak Peek: Any Component as Envelope

With almost 2 days to go for the release of SolidWorks 2013, here is one more interesting feature to share with you. SolidWorks 2013 gives you the ability to make envelopes from subassemblies. Workflow improvements include designating components as envelopes as you insert them into assemblies, and changing components to or from envelopes at any time. New options let you adjust envelope visibility and load envelopes as lightweight or read-only. A quick video on the new feature Need more on what’s…
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