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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Mirror Sketches about Planes and Planar Faces!

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 0.1 is available to Download!. And if you’ve Professional or Premium version then don’t forget your complimentary seat of Visualize Standard*. Mirror Sketches about Planes and Planar Faces! This is one of the SOLIDWORKS 2018 small delighter which would save some time when creating mirrored sketches. So instead of creating a line for the mirrored sketch entities, one can simply select a plane OR planar face. In earlier versions one can only select a line or linear edge but now with SOLIDWORKS…
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SOLIDWORKS Macro: Start Sketch on Default Planes

  Name/Size: Start Sketch on Default Planes 95k (three macros) Version/Date: 1.0 03/31/15 Programmer/Copyright: Deepak Gupta www.gupta9665.com Description: Macro to select and start a sketch on Front, Right OR Top Plane. There are three macros in the zip file, one each for Front, Right OR Top Plane. Use under Disclaimer as stated here All macros will be updated/made for SOLIDWORKS 2015. In case you’re running a different version then update/correct the macro reference as suggested here (don’t worry on the fact that…
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