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Understand the environmental impact of your product with SolidWorks Sustainability!!

Too often, manufacturers operate according to a short-term view. while focusing on the present is important for achieving success in the near term, a total fixation on the marketplace as it is today—rather than on making decisions and investments that take into account anticipated changes—can prove to be extremely shortsighted and ultimately detrimental to your company’s future success. without including a long-term view as part of your business strategy, you may find your organization unmotivated and unable to respond to…
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Learning the Green Design by SolidWorks Certification !!

The ideas of sustainability and sustainable design are a growing part of today’s product design conversations. Sustainable design, like quality, time to market, and cost, will soon dictate how engineers approach almost every product they develop. Choosing products based on their carbon footprint will be equally as important as design validation. To stay ahead of the curve, you and your company need to understand sustainable design and how to implement it now. Conduct screening-level life cycle assessment (LCA) on parts or assemblies…
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