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SolidWorks 2014: Pack and Go but Toolbox, Sorry NO

Another cool enhancement in SolidWorks 2014, leave Toolbox components while you do Pack and Go. Yes with SolidWorks 2014, users have the ability to leave Toolbox parts behind. The advantage is clearly simple, maintaining the toolbox reference from the location meant for toolbox and not the new folder OR the zip file created by pack and go. I remember how big hassle it was to deal with toolbox parts when I did the pack and go to make a copy…
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Fix Your SW2012 Toolbox

Two problems have been identified that can impact some customers upgrading a previous major version’s SolidWorks Toolbox installation to 2012 SP0.0. SPR 627126 (Toolbox data upgraded on an operating system that uses commas as the decimal symbol will result in unusable Toolbox parts.). For more details regarding this problem, please refer to Knowledge Base Solution S-056855. SPR 627178 (Toolbox customized part numbers and descriptions are no longer displayed after upgrading to SolidWorks 2012.) For more details regarding this problem, please…
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