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The ABC of Weldment Profiles in SOLIDWORKS

  I’ve seen lot many times people asking about the folder structure for weldment profiles in SOLIDWORKS. The folder structure for weldment profile is simply ABC. A is the path for the folder that contains the Standard. For e.g. D:\Design Library\Weldments B is the path for the folder that contains the Types. For e.g. D:\Design Library\Weldments\Inch C is the path for the folder that contains the Sizes. For e.g. D:\Design Library\Weldments\Inch\10×20.SLDLFP So when setting up the weldment profile location, you…
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Add more Weldment Profiles

Are you looking for more Weldment profiles for you database? Check the following options/places: 1 Create your own: Have a look at this post and make customized Weldment profile. 2 3DCC: Visit http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/. Go to search section and use a key word weldmentlibraryfeature. There are around 72 different Weldment profiles available to download and use. Just make sure you put them in the appropriate folder/location (check above post on how to organize or where to place your downloaded weldment profile)…
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How to create Weldment Profile

1)    Start a new part and start a new sketch. 2)    Give dimensions and fully constrain you sketch. 3)    Exit sketch and select the sketch from the Feature Manger Tree. 4)    Keeping your sketch selected, go to File > Save as 5)    Change the file type to Lib Feat part (*.sldlfp) 6)    Go to location C:Program FilesSolidWorksdataweldment profiles and create you own folder or use the exiting folders. You can also set you own location and map the path in…
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