Tow Truck and The Rope Animation – 2

Sorry for the delay, here is the part 2 of the series. Please download the files again as I’ve updated some of them. The files are in SW2013 version,. In case you need a lower version files, please contact me and I’ll send you the files in STEP, IGES or Parsolid version

You may read the part 1 here

Steps to follow after you’ve downloaded the files.

1. Open the Tow Truck Assy file from the downloaded files.

2. Now start the insert component command either using the S key shortcut, Assembly toolbar or Insert > Component > Exiting part/Assembly. I’ve shown/used the S key menu.

3. Browse to Dummy part file found in the downloaded files.

4. Insert and place it near the drum part as shown.

5. Make sure file is not fixed. In case it shows as fixed (will have (f) in front of file name in the manager tree), then right-click on the part and select float.

6. Select the drum cylindrical surface and Dummy part surface (as shown) and start the mate command. You can use any option to start the mate.

7. Apply a concentric mate between the two selected surfaces.

8. Apply a distance mate of 12 mm between the front plane of Dummy part and flat surface on Drum part (as shown)

9. Start insert component command and browse to Rope part file found in the downloaded files.

10. Insert and place it near the drum part as shown.

11. Apply a coincident mate between the front planes of Dummy part and Rope part (as shown)

12. For the next mate you would need to use Axis and Temporary axis, so you may set them to show under View menu.

13. Select axis of Rope part and temporary axis of Drum or Dummy part and apply a coincident mate.

14. You may now set the Dummy part, Axis and Temporary axis to hide for an ease in selection further.

15. Apply a parallel mate between the Top plane of Rope part and face of Support-1 as shown. I’ve set other parts to hide temporary for clarity.

Stopping here for the day but fun is about to come. Please hang on…. 🙂



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  1. Phyllis Young

    Thanks for sharing this useful steps! I will keep this in mind so that i can use this someday if ever i need a knowledge on this tow truck and the rope animation. Very good post!


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